Writing In Style - Amplify Your Voice!

Writing In Style - Amplify Your Voice!

Recently I decided to tag the term “Always Write in Style” for use with my Fashion Bling Pen social media posts because it speaks to me. I enjoy writing because it allows me take necessary note of various aspects of my day, my world, my life, and just the idea that what I write has some sort of meaning makes me feel good. When expressing myself through writing I've become obsessed with what I use to write - pen or pencil, I want it to be pretty, to stand out, and yes, inspire me in so me way. You see, I have a serious ink pen, stationery, and gadget addiction. With ink pens, journals, and notepads mostly taking up my stationery collection, I am easily drawn to different brands, the way the pen writes, how it feels in my hand, how my penmanship looks when using the pen, and of course design. I ask many questions when choosing ink pens for everyday writing in my journal, taking notes, or regular business and personal matters. Is the ink pen eye catching? Does it inspire me? Does it easily flow as I write across the page?

Choosing the right writing tool can make a big difference in the quality and efficiency of your writing. There are many options available, from simple or basic ink pens, markers, fancy pens and colorful pens used for everyday purposes with unique styles and designs.

For basic writing needs, a simple pencil or ink pen may be sufficient. They allow you to get the job done without much fuss. They are also easily accessible and user-friendly. Usually men go for basic and collecting or using a certain ink pen never crosses their mind. However, many women in different professions or walks of life actually collect ink pens or have a preference when they write. As a former teacher I can tell you my co-workers and students were amazed at my pen, marker, and pencil collection (another article, another item).

If you are looking for more specific writing tool features, there are many options available. Choosing the one for you is as simple as finding the type of ink, point, and size of the writing utensil itself. Ink pens are simple in nature and easy to collect. Most often I use various pens for different purposes, and as I run low, I restock. As an ink pen collector, I have certain brands I use for writing everyday. I also love various colors and gel pens are my favorite.

Ultimately, choosing the right writing tool depends on your personal preferences and needs. Consider what features are important to you, how user-friendly the tool is, and whether it fits within your budget. With the right tool, you can start writing in style in no time. While, we are growing our Writing in Style pen collection at Tamedia Studio, start your collection with one of our beautiful Fashion Bling Pens, a Glitter Pen, or the popular Ball Point Stylus feature inspirational quotes. We are sure there’s a style that fits you! See our Writing Tools Collection here.