Make a Statement

Making A Statement

When making a statement one is clearly letting others know what they believe in, how they feel, and sometimes, how and why they stand by what they stand by. In today's highly connected tech world, more often than night, many of us are attached to our devices, whether it be a smart phone, tablet,  streaming apps, and now smart watches. This creates an overflow of useless information, unnecessary discussions, and over saturation of hype or sensationalized events that have no purpose in our lives. 

So to make a statement, we are now using other means to communicate with others without saying a single word. You see these statements on t-shirts mostly, but we have not indulged in placing meaningful (sometimes not so meaningful) words, graphics, or both onto other items as well. Which is okay in my opinion. I happen to love words, especially when I can just see them and read them on my own. It doesn't bother me to see bumper stickers supporting political candidates or license plates with school or teams proudly displayed. Everyone is allowed to free speech and statement items, clothing, bags, signs, posters, all give us the opportunity to display our purpose and belief in trends, hot topics, or sentimental thoughts.  There is nothing wrong with making a statement as you choose as long as you are respectful and follow a politically correct train of thought.


Tammie M. Smith, MBA, M.Ed